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I know to everyones surprise, here is another post, back to back days. Today I have a special interview with major talent, UberVice. I started talking with him when he joined the BOOM Movement (www.boommovement.com) with me and he was happy to give me an interview for the site. I was not original in any way with the questions but it gives a great insight into what Evan is up to and what he has plans for the future. Read up on this guy, check out his music, like him on facebook, follow him on twitter and keep your eyes open in the future!

What’s your name? How old are you? Where you from?

My name is Evan Weiss and I’m 21-years-old. I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and I currently live in Columbia, Missouri where I attend Mizzou.

Why do you call yourself UberVice?

It was a nickname that sort of caught on in highschool. I had a buddy that worked at Oberweis ice cream so naturally I visited him so I could get some free ice cream. My last name is pronounced “Vice” in German and one of my highschool teachers would call me Mr. “Vice.” So between those two frequent occurrences the name UberVice was born. Weiss also means “white” in German so you could also say that I’m super-white. Because I’m super white.

Why’d you start producing/mixing and who are your biggest inspirations?

I was the drummer/producer in an indie/electronic band so I learned how to produce during the 3 years we were together. I reeeaaally got into electronic music after I saw Boys Noize and MSTRKRFT live at Lollapalooza in ’08. I was heavy into metal and hardcore at the time and the energy at that show far surpassed anything I’d ever seen before. The final blow was (cliche) Deadmau5. I sold my soul after that.

What kind of sound are you going for?

Whatever comes out of my brain.

Best show you’ve ever been to?

Best rock show: Tool. Best EDM show: Deadmau5 or BT.

Favorite Performance/Venue?

That’s a hard one. I’d say my biggest crowd was at DAYGLOW. However, I gotta say I love my residency at Tonic in Columbia, MO. It’s weekly mayhem. Someone is either naked, throwing up, throwing things, or dancing on objects.

What are your preferred tools of the trade?

I use Ableton Live for producing. I’ve got a Moog Slim Phatty and a Microkorg XL that get frequent use. I use an NS7 when I play out. I love it.

What do you like about performing?

My favorite part of performing is making the crowd go “OOOOOOOOOOOH!!” (you know that sound). There’s no other feeling like it. You know you’re doing your job as a DJ and you know everyone is having an excellent time.

Do you get nervous before you go on stage?

More often than not, yes. You’re not going to get better if you’re not leaving your comfort zone and trying new things out.

Any lessons or all self-taught? Any background in music or other instruments?

I’m self-taught. I find that I learn better if I just dive in and figure things out myself. However, I’ve also learned a lot from DJ Gizmo and DJ Deks (2 other DJs in my town). As for drumming, I had a teacher for 6 years.

Future Plans?

I’m currently in negotiation with a label to get my debut EP out in the Fall. I’ll also be playing at Pulse in St. Louis alongside names like Above & Beyond, Morgan Page, and Krewella. And I’m working closely with my sponsor BOOM Movement headphones on throwing several events in the Midwest over the summer. I’m extremely excited for the next couple months and I want to thank everyone who’s believed in me and helped me out!


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/UberViceMusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/UberVice

SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/ubervice

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/UberVice


Evan also included some cool videos of him opening for some pretty big names around his campus:

So now that we have the interview out of the way, its time for some new music. First up we have a song that was introduced to me by a friend of mine and I cannot start to express my gratitude. Tommy Trash has been growing in my iTunes with every week it seems and I am finally bursting to put some of his music up. His latest track is the purpose of this post though, as he has taken Deadmau5’s VELDT and turned it into something insane. I am a huge lover of the original so obviously this remix had to be epic for me to like it. I cannot say enough how important it is for you to listen to this track:
I’ve also got a preview here of what I presume is going to be his next release:
Next up, I’ve got the most recent drop from Flosstradamus. His new track, Lana’s Theme, has received an immense amount of love in the last 24 hours since it’s release. So give it a listen and see what all the hype is about!
Finally, we will finish off with a little wobbly love from Griz. This guy is honestly the king of making a chill track shake your bones. His remix of Behind Blue Eyes by The Who was insanity and I know I listened to that track far too many times. So this track is no different and I am telling you, LISTEN TO THIS TRACK!!!!
Alright that its for day two on this bender writing spree. I’ll keep the coming if you keep supporting!
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Gettin’ Dubby at the Middle East

Hey ya’ll.  Its been a good long time since I last blogged because of finals, moving out and laziness.  So, before I begin this post, let me officially “dub” this post, (pun intended) the first post of the summer!!  Last Friday, I had the pleasure of seeing friends Dubbest (I think for the third time) open up for none other than N.Y.’s very own Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad (GPGDS) at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, MA.  Although I encountered some troubles finding the venue and parking to say the least, (ended up paying $30 just for parking!!!) it was well worth it.  The show started out fairly small as you would expect on a Thursday, with mostly friends, family and big fans catching Dubbest rip it up as they always do.  As the guys finished up their set, I noticed that the audience had grown considerably since they started, and everyone seemed pretty pumped for the next opener, Tubby Love, a band I had never heard before.  After hearing them play for almost an hour, I had become a fan.  The dreaded lead singer was captivating on both guitar and vocals, jamming out with the organ/keyboard player who also happens to be in GPGDS.  Tubby also incorporated a couple cool things into their set, including a sick rastafarian dude rapping, a soulful young girl named Emily Elbert who was killing it, a young kid on electric mandolin and even a dope version of Bob Marley’s “Could You Be Loved?”.  Once they had finished up, I now noticed that it seemed the entire room had been filled with sweaty, charged-up fans that were brimming with excitement for the highly-anticipated Giant Panda.  The energy in the room was palpable.  As the GPGDS guys took the stage, the crowd roared with enthusiasm.  They immediately brought the dub, playing fan favorites like “Seasons Change” and “Change You” as well as some brand new songs.  The guys jammed out HARD to say the least, and so did the crowd, spreading the love right back to them.  Giant Panda even brought Tubby Love, Emily and the mandolin dude onstage to play a few songs that they had recorded that day, which were all very funky.  All in all, I left at 12:30 hoping to that I could still get my car out of the garage, but I imagine the Panda guys could’ve easily jammed until 1.  Great show and definitely be sure to check out all of the artists, especially GPGDS who is touring around New England as we speak.

Below I’ve uploaded a couple of my favorite/most popular Dubbest and Giant Panda songs.  Be sure to check out archive.org for live versions of all the bands as well!!

Download: Heat And Water Live – Dubbest

Download: Andy’s Theme Live – Dubbest

Download: Change You – Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

Download: Seasons Change – Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment, download and spread the music, and Like us on Facebook! Peace everyone.

Let’s Get Aggroooo!!

Happy hump day everybody!  If you forgot since my last post, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad released their new album “In These Times” yesterday!!  Definitely give it a listen because you can stream the ENTIRE album on their website, as well as download an awesome 17 song sampler on their website FO’ FREE right here http://giantpandadub.com/site/  On another tangent, Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger(I had no idea they were still around) just announced a tour w/ Suburban Legends, in which they will be playing HOB in Boston and Lupo’s in Providence this June!!!  Set your calendars because RBF puts on a great show, and seeing Goldfinger live would be a very, very rare opportunity.

Now that we’ve taken care of that, its Wednesday once again, which means that I have a fresh reggae band for ya’ll to chiggity check out.  Their name is The Aggrolites and they’ve been bringing their self-proclaimed “dirty reggae” sound to the Los Angeles reggae scene since the early 2000’s.  Forming from the break up of The Vessels and The Rhythm Doctors,  The Aggrolites have since put out 5 full length records, their most recent being “Rugged Road” in 2011, which was their first album with Young Cub Records, a label based out of Boston, Mass.  These cats have an impressive touring resume, which includes serving as the backing band for such music icons as Phyllis Dillon, Prince Buster, an even ex-Hellcat label-mate and Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong.  I personally think that their album with Armstrong,  “A Poet’s Life”, is an impressive and bold departure for him, since most punk fans have strictly known him as a  punk musician for the past 20 years.  Regardless, The Aggrolites are an extremely tight band-musically and personally- and they put on one hell of a live show from what I remember, as I saw them with Slightly Stoopid a few years back at Lupo’s.  Def give these guys a listen, they won’t dissapoint.  Oh yeah, do yourself a favor and download their new live album “Unleashed Live Vol. 1″ here for FREE http://aggroreggae.com/  You won’t regret it.

Below I have attached some songs from their album IV, as well as songs off of “A Poet’s Life” with Tim Armstrong.  Enjoy!!


Download:What A Complex

Download:Reggae Summertime

Download:Translator – Tim Armstrong feat. The Aggrolites

Download:Among The Dead – Tim Armstrong feat. The Aggrolites

Download:Hold On – Tim Armstrong feat. The Aggrolites

Also, here’s an awesome new video of the guys playing their song “Work to Do” on MoBoogie!!

Hope you enjoyed the post and the music.  Download it, spread it with your friends and family and feel free to comment!  Peace!

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

Hey guys.  I hope everyone’s week is going well.  I’m still pretty pumped over how smoothly my first show went this past Friday.  Thanks again to Supreme Skai, Fire of Creation, Rack ‘Em, Let’s Go! and Dubbest for playing, and a big thanks to anyone that came by to check it out!!  Hopefully I will be able to put on more awesome shows here at UNH in the future!!

Today’s post centers around a band that is blowing up lately- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad.  Their new album “In These Times” drops on April 10th and the boys have graciously uploaded a FREE 17-song sampler titled “Music is More Important Volume 1″, which features songs from their past albums, some live stuff, songs from the new album and even a few previously unreleased tunes!  Here’s the link http://giantpandadub.com/in_these_times/ The Panda folks are currently busy on tour throughout the Northeast and Great Lakes Region, as well as playing a Worldwide Stageit Online Acoustic show on April 10th for their new CD’s release party!  Be sure to check them out while they are still playing smaller shows for very cheap prices, because I predict these guys will blow up very soon.

Below I have uploaded a few songs from the free sampler I mentioned in the post.  Enjoy and spread the music!!

Download:Change You – In These Times

Download:Humboldt County Gold (acoustic) -

Download:Kids In The Square – Country

Download:Future – Hope Alive Live

Have a good rest of the week everybody.  See you next Wednesday.  Peace!

Welcome to another Lushous Friday Night at BombBeats.org. I am sure everybody is loving this weather right now, summer sure seems like its here already. With that said though, I somehow still have two weeks of skiing left! To the task at hand though, getting your weekend ready for raging! First up, I have my newest love coming from Seven Lions. Their remix of Florence and The Machines Cosmic Love is exactly what I love about the direction dubstep is going in. Sounding very similar to adventure club, Seven Lions has found that beautiful blend of bass wobble and soft lyrics. As I could probably ramble on for hours about this track, I will stop now. Just listen to this track and look at this weather, feels like it could be a summer anthem!

Another preview, this time working with TheVeldt by Deadmau5. This remix is a vocal work being done by Chris James. Its a very mellow track and the lyrics definitely help to bring it all together. Very appropriate music for how relaxed everybody is feeling with this weather!

Last up, keeping with the trends of remix and previews, we have Madeon. Throwing down his rendition of The Night Out – Martin Solveig, he proves to the world over and over again that he is the future of EDM. The quality is not perfect given that it is a radio rip from BBC Radio 1 but it is only the world exclusive release and clearly not finished yet! Look closely in the next few weeks as he perfects the track and gives it to the world!

So theres another Friday Night down powered by yours truly. Bask in these sunny rays while they last!

A Post of Previews

So I have a few tracks right now that I’m really loving but sadly are only in the form of previews right now. I know your going to like these tracks but I also know how sad your going to be when the song ends with no way to hear the whole thing. But anyways, there still worth listening, gives you the chance to use your imagination and finish the song yourself!

First up we have a remix done by Deniz Koyu. He took Fedde Le Grands – So Much Love and added a whole lot of love to it. I’m really digging this track and cannot wait for the full release. Grab a listen:

Next up we have banger of a remix from R3hab and Swanky Tunes. Using the newly released vocal edit, they kept the same explosive power but with their own spin. I absolutely love the original and am definitely feeling strongly about this remix too:

Last up, keeping with the trends of remix and previews, we have Madeon. Throwing down his rendition of The Night Out – Martin Solveig, he proves to the world over and over again that he is the future of EDM. The quality is not perfect given that it is a radio rip from BBC Radio 1 but it is only the world exclusive release and clearly not finished yet! Look closely in the next few weeks as he perfects the track and gives it to the world!

Martin Solveig – The Night Out (Madeon Remix)

There ya have it, just a quick little post to enjoy during this beautiful weather. See you Friday!

The Movement

Heyyy partay people!  It’s been a while since my last post but in the mean time I have since discovered an awesome new band- The Movement!  These dudes have been kicking out the sweet reggae jams since 2004, originally forming in South Carolina.  Upon formation, the  lineup merely consisted of guitarist Josh Swain and Jordan Miller on congas.  The duo utilized a drum machine to round out their sound, eventually bringing in DJ Riggles as well.  The trio released their critically acclaimed debut album On Your Feet that year, which is listed at #9 on The Pier’s Essential Reggae Rock Albums.  However, after DJ Riggles left the band, the original duo found themselves unsure of their future, until they met drummer Gary Jackson and his friend, guitarist Jay Schmidt who would wind up playing bass for the band.  With Philadelphonic Studio’s producer Chris DeBeneditto at the helm, the newly formed quartet recorded their sophomore album Set Sail in 2008, which after listening to, I can surely say cements the band as something here to stay.  To describe their sound I would say they are a laid back mix of tropical reggae, acoustic and hip hop, incorporating great use of Swain and Miller’s shared responsibility on songwriting and singing.   These guys are sure to blow up soon not only because of their great music but also because of the great relationship they have with their fans, which you can see for yourself by checking out their blog at http://blog.themovementvibe.com/ Be sure to check out their new album One More Night which drops on March 20th and check ‘em out on tour right now!!

On an unrelated note, The Expendables(from my last post) are releasing their first ever all acoustic album, appropriately titled “Gone Soft” due out sometime this May and will be playing select acoustic/electric shows on the West Coast.

Below I have attached 3 of my favorite Movement songs from Set Sail and a BRAND NEW acoustic song that was recorded in the always dope MoBoogie Loft Recording Studio.  Enjoy, spread the music around and feel free to leave feedback.  Peace!



Download:Set Sail

Download:Another Man’s Shoes (feat. G. Love)

My Name is Lushous

Alright so anybody who has been following BombBeats for a while is probably wondering who the hell Lushous is. Well after fighting the name for almost 2 years now, I have decided to finally embrace it and change my DJ name officially to Lushous. I knew that BLVD was only a temporary name, but I feel this one will be around for a long time to come. So tonight is my first post as Lushous and hopefully I will start off with a bang.

So the world of music has been kind of slow in the last week without many tracks that really got me excited. I did manage to find a few so I will start off with these. First up is a Red Hot Chili Peppers remix, which surprisingly are not remixed well very often. This bootleg, coming from the Promise Land, is sure be a club banger in no time.There giving it away for free too, so grab it before they charge for it! So here it is, Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication ( Promise Land Bootleg):

This next one, although not new, has gained a immense amount of publicity in the past few weeks. As a tribute to Whitney Houston, here is the Van Hooft & Forever Kid Remix of How Will I Know:

The much anticipated and waited for release from Alesso is finally here, although still only released as a 2:30 preview. This song is going to be huge though, trust me with that. Plus after seeing this guy live at UNH, it’s easy to tell that Alesso is here to stay! So heres Alesso’s newest single, Years:

While were talking about Alesso, the time has finally come when we get to listen to a released version of Calling with Vocals. Officially called Calling “Lose My Mind”, here is Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso’s joint speaker blower:

As I mentioned above, I had the pleasure of seeing R3hab, Alesso and David Guetta live two weeks ago and it was insane to say the least. Since all the videos I took on my flip were incredibly shaky, here is the official after movie. Try and say UNH doesn’t know how to throw a party after watching this video!

So nobody can debate that Skrillex has been getting a lot of hype lately due to his 3 Grammy wins. He took the original Cinema by Benny Benassi and made it the top remix of 2011 as crowned by the Grammy committee. So what happens when you take that same song and instead of turning it up 5 levels of intense, you bring it down 10 levels? You get Jason Evigan’s remix, which is impossible to describe as it leaves you speechless. So if your going to only watch a bit of this video, please make sure you watch at least 2 minutes of it.

Back to motivating your weekend activities, I leave you with a video and a song that will do nothing else but pump you up.  The track is DIY by Savoy who, as posted a few days ago, will be coming to Killington for the SnowMont Music Festival. This track was also featured in a commercial for GoPro cameras. GoPro has used many EDM artist for ad’s including Skrillex and The Glitch Mob. Savoy’s DIY adds so much to the commercial which features motorcycle riding by Ronnie Renner:

So hopefully that was the dose of music you were looking for and a solid introduction to Lushous. See you Friday!


The Expendables

Good afternoon everyone!  I am writing today instead of my usual Tuesday post because this is loooong overdue and I will be very busy tomorrow.  If you haven’t heard of Santa Cruz’s The Expendables, let me formally introduce you to them.  This laid-back quartet is NOT your typical reggae band.  They blend the familiar elements of the reggae and dub genre with incredibly fast punk rhythms, often laced with  80’s inspired guitar dueling solos and some truly amazing finger tapping courtesy of their lead guitarist Raul.  A great example of this is found in their cover of Eek-a-Mouse’s “Ganja Smuggling”, off of their self-titled album.  These Cali brethren have been together since 1997, and released their fifth full length “Prove It” in 2010.  The album, produced by NOFX’s own El Hefe, is somewhat of a departure for the band, incorporating more acoustic elements, as well as guest appearances from label-mates Slightly Stoopid as well as G Love from G Love and Special Sauce.  Unfortunately, the boys just wrapped up their now annual Winter Blackout Tour, but you can most likely expect to see them this summer as they tour quite frequently.  Do not miss them live if you get the chance!  I can say from experience that they are sure not to disappoint you.

Below I have attached some of my favorite songs from the band’s discography, as well as an awesome acoustic video featuring only lead singer and fellow mustache enthusiast Geoff Weers.  Enjoy!

Download:Ganja Smugglin’

Download:One More Night


Download:She Doesn’t Know



Weekend Starter: Dillion Francis, Project 46

Deadmau5 is obviously full of surprises left and right.Heres another surprise, his newest release, Maths:

Heres some new music, hopefully these songs will get onto your music playing devices in time to make your weekend all it can be. One artist that I have been absolutely loving lately is Dillon Francis. He has been dropping banger after banger and in my opinion is one of the biggest up and comers right now. In the studio he’s been nothing short of extraordinary and his live performances are from what I’ve heard impossible to beat. Now to the music, since I am sure everyone is probably sick of listening to me by now. First up we have his newest release, a remix of his original track, IDGAFOS. Here it is, first song of the night, IDGAFOS 2.0 by Dillon Francis.

Dillon Francis – IDGAFOS 2.0

Next up we have another speaker blower from Dillon Francis. This track, released 5 days ago, does not disappoint in the slightest. Teaming up with Kill the Noise to bring a fine mesh of talent, here is Dill the Noise:

Basically if those last two songs have no intrigued you enough to go get as much Dillon Francis as you can, then maybe this will convince you. A remix of Steve Aoki’s Earthquaky People, putting his signature Moonbahton sound down on this already killer track. Please listen to this one, trust me its worth your time!!!

Next up, we have a Project 46, who has been absolutely blowing the doors off of the music blog world. Hailing from the beautiful great white north, residing only an hour from where I grew up, they are doing something right really quickly. There last four releases have topped the Beatport, Hype Machine and iTunes lists while also shaking clubs and venues around the world. Their newest release, a remix of Alesso’s newest track, is just amazing.Also Check out these tracks and check out Project 46, going to be a big big year for them, starting with a debut at the Miami Music Week.

So there you have it, a late but hopefully essential post to satisfy your musical taste buds. I am already starting on next weeks post so prepare to have more music than you can handle be thrown onto your computer.


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