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Favorites for Days, part two.

Hey, friends. Sorry this post is so late (and probably won’t be published until Tuesday). I spent an hour writing it up then published it on the wrong blog….I can’t even describe how annoyed I am. Nevertheless, the post will be made. I’m just gonna do a bit of copy-and-pasting to make up for lost time, so if some things seem off…it’s because I fucked up the entire post. But regardless, the tunes tonight are 100 percent rage-certified.

Yo people, another week under the belt. I’ve got a big night ahead of me this Thursday, I’ll be seeing Feed Me and Kill The Noise with my rage-bro Nick Schilling (NASS). We’ll be holding down the dance floor all night long. Last week I told you guys I’d be posting a bunch of my favorite jams to give you a true taste of what I’m all about, and that’s what tonight is all about. I’ve got a few newer tracks I found that I have to share first, though.

First up, I’ve gotta give props to Sex Ray Vision on their new release. Last week, SRV dropped an EP that actually had me pretty impressed. I’m usually not a huge fan of the summer-type mash-bash pool party whateverthefuck genre you would classify artists like Kap Slap and Sex Ray Vision as, but this EP took a turn that I never thought I’d see an SRV production take. “Relax” is a nine-track EP that absolutely kicks ass. It’s got everything from dubby/moombahton to house bangers that will get you off your feet. I really urge you all to download this FREE new EP. There’s also been some confusion about the members who actually make up SRV, and their Bio indicates that all their tunes are produced by Ravi Parikh. Click the link above to be taken to the Facebook page which includes a link to both the download for the new EP and a link to the SRV website where all songs can be downloaded for free. For anyone who just wants the album, click here for a direct line.

Now for a few new tunes before I present my personal favorites. This next track was shown to me by my roommate-to-be Kwasi a few nights ago and it absolutely kicks ass. Dmitry KO gives this Starkillers & Nadia Ali original an insane remix filled with room to move. Definitely give this song a download.

Next is a Haydn Hoffman specimen that kicks hard. “Self-Destruct” is his new moombahcore banger that will quickly become notorious for ruining whatever speakers it’s played through. I don’t even know how to describe it, it’s just fucking awesome. I also have no idea why he only has 3,100 fans on Facebook. What a shame… Anyway, download it right now.

This track is probably the best thing that Kap Slap, King of Bro’s, has ever created. One of the most unbelievable mash-attacks I’ve ever heard, “Breakin’ The Doors” combines a handful of killer jams that are the key to a rager’s heart. Like I said before, I’m not usually a big fan of the mashup scene, but this song goes real hard and that’s something I will always appreciate. Give it a good listen.

 Now, here’s the Justin Oslyn hand-picked Favorites List so far. I’ve gone through everything I’ve downloaded since August and chosen the songs that really drove me to want to promote, share, and love EDM and everything it has to offer. It really is about the emotion behind the music to me, and these songs mean a lot to me. Love them as they love you and download the FUCK out of them.
Odyssey [OVERWERK]
The number of dorm parties this song helped keep in motion first semester cannot be fathomed. May this song live on forever.
These last few tracks have literally made me cry. They were some of the first EDM songs I ever listened to and they’re beautiful.
So there you have it. Those are some of my all time favorite songs. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to construct a list that includes all of my favorites from all reaches of EDM. Perhaps I’ll create a playlist at the end of this year and upload that. Anyway, I hope you enjoy all the tunes. Some you may have heard, some you may have not. Either way, they all dominate my life and should continue to dominate for years to come. Enjoy, my friends.
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Random and Awesome #1

Hello folks, my name is Mike and I’ve been tasked with throwing music up onto this blog every so often. Since this is my first post, here’s a little bit about me. I’m Canadian, attend UBC in Vancouver, and like to ski. According to Lush I’m a “shredder”.

Anyways, I’m just going to post music that I love at the time, no guarantees about what kind it’ll be, but I hope you guys will love it too.

p.s. If it’s a youtube video or something where you can’t download it, sorry, but I’m guessing that you guys are proficient enough with the internet to find a copy anyways.

Here we go.

The first song is Freeway by Kurt Vile. It’s chill, it’s summery, it’s exactly what I need for this time of year. Enjoy the cartoon in the video too.

Now for a new song by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero’s, one of my all time favourite bands, “Man on Fire”. It’s part of their new album, Here, coming out May 29th, needless to say I’m stoked.

Next is Dillon Francis’ new’ish mix of Zedd’s Stars Come Out. It’s a banger and Dillon’s new style is really starting to make waves in the EDM world

Last song of the day, it’s the Dave Edwards Remix of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. This track is more old-school, it’s chill but still has enough kick to get you out of bed.

Here’s a funny video I thought you guys would get a laugh out of too… Till next time.

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

Hey guys.  I hope everyone’s week is going well.  I’m still pretty pumped over how smoothly my first show went this past Friday.  Thanks again to Supreme Skai, Fire of Creation, Rack ‘Em, Let’s Go! and Dubbest for playing, and a big thanks to anyone that came by to check it out!!  Hopefully I will be able to put on more awesome shows here at UNH in the future!!

Today’s post centers around a band that is blowing up lately- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad.  Their new album “In These Times” drops on April 10th and the boys have graciously uploaded a FREE 17-song sampler titled “Music is More Important Volume 1″, which features songs from their past albums, some live stuff, songs from the new album and even a few previously unreleased tunes!  Here’s the link The Panda folks are currently busy on tour throughout the Northeast and Great Lakes Region, as well as playing a Worldwide Stageit Online Acoustic show on April 10th for their new CD’s release party!  Be sure to check them out while they are still playing smaller shows for very cheap prices, because I predict these guys will blow up very soon.

Below I have uploaded a few songs from the free sampler I mentioned in the post.  Enjoy and spread the music!!

Download:Change You – In These Times

Download:Humboldt County Gold (acoustic) -

Download:Kids In The Square – Country

Download:Future – Hope Alive Live

Have a good rest of the week everybody.  See you next Wednesday.  Peace!

A Pu Pu Platter of Party Playables

What’s up bombers? I’m still trying to add some artistic flavor to my titles, so just accept the alliteration as it is. Hop you all enjoyed the absolutely insane weather last week, I happened to overdose on frisbee and grass stains myself. This past week has actually been pretty good to me [musically] in terms of diversity. I found some real good oldies from a few artists, and have been gathering new stuff from others. This post is gonna be pretty big, so brace yourself.

I was gonna post the new Alvin Risk remix of “We Are Young”, by Fun., but my boy NASS beat me to it. To make up for that, I’m sharing with you A NEW SYNCHRONICE TRACK, YEAHHH MOTHAFUCKAS. As always, these kids are putting out the sickest and slickest tunes for all you ragers. This is actually a remix of a Deadmau5 song, but it’s got their original spin packed tightly into every beat. They try their hand at laying essences of dub over vocals (something that usually doesn’t sound too great, in my opinion) and achieve nothing but success. It’s a ripper for sure and will definitely keep your party going hard. Give this track a download before it reaches the limit (and you have to find it on Hulkshare, ew). Below this track I’m also including the player for the boys’ remix of “Calling” which is probably one of the most renowned anthems of EDM. It’s completely sick, Hulkshare link included for download.

Download  “Calling” here –>Calling (Synchronice Remix)

Alright, after that I’ve got a really cool remix of an old Fleetwood Mac song that should ring some sort of bell for many of you. Dave Edwards is a brand new name for me, but a name that I’m sure not to forget. This song brings a little bit of trance into the prog house genre and is sure to get you on your feet. Check out his Facebook page for more info on him!

Next up is a new project sponsored by Beatport. I haven’t done much research on it so I’ll get back to you on the nitty gritty, but basically it’s a 12 hour production workshop where a bunch of EDM producers came together and worked on some songs. It’s run through mau5trap, deadmau5’s record label. Anyway, they put out some really cool songs that are available for free through Beatport. Just click the “buy” link in the player!

Now I’ve got two pretty weet house tracks that are sure to make you wanna dance. First is a Project 46 remix of Avicii’s “Enough Is Enough.” It’s pretty sweet, the bass rips clean throughout the track, but the original plays through pretty strong which is unusual for a remix. Definitely give these guys a listen and share the sound. The second track is a house remix of (believe it or not) Krewella’s “Strobelights.” Now, Krewella is a duo comprised of the two most beautiful producers this world has seen. I just think they’re so attractive I could cry. Sweekuh gives this track a totally new feel. The bass bumps, the synth plays perfectly into every beat, and the vocals are clear as day. Give it a download!

Here we have something that tickled my fancy. My friend Remy is turning into a pretty badass mix master, and this is his latest work. It’s definitely worthy of a download. I’m not sure how mixcloud works exactly (Soundcloud knockoff fail) so I’ll just post a link to the download and the page.

Download link –>

Lastly I’ve got a track with by a new duo with serious house potential. Hujje, a duo from Denver dropped this song in celebration of their 1000 fans on Facebook. I’ve gotta give these guys credit because they’ve captured an Avicii-esque sound with this original. These guys (Josh and Josh) really know how to produce an upbeat jam that keeps you on your toes. Be sure to keep an eye on these guys because they’re rapidly gaining popularity.

That’s about all I’ve got for you this week. I’m thinking next week I’ll throw up a bunch of my favorite songs just to give you guys a punch in the bass. I’ve also got my Traktor S2, which means it’s time to start mixing and mashing. I’ll start posting some stuff to my Soundcloud once I get going.

Enjoy your week, my friends. Until we meet again,



Super Pump Sundays

This is my first post on Bomb Beats so I’ll probably fuck something up.  Anyways a bit about me.  Canadian, attend UBC, and badass.  Most of the music I’ll post will be house or moombahton.  So lets get started. I won’t write up to much on each song cause I know how annoying it can get.

First up is Nicky Romero’s new track Se7en.  Nicky Romero has a way of creating huge tracks. Banger after banger he finds a way to do it.  His new track incorporates elements of dutch house, trance, and big room bass.

Second we got a Dillon Francis Remix.  It does get repetitive but it is a definite party rager.  Think of it as dubstep on drugs with a side of fries.

Lastly I’m gonna throw up one of my mashups.  It is a moombahton track with a feel of both party and chill.  Perfect Combo for a hungover Sunday  to chill out to.

Remember If you aren’t given’r  you’re receiving and thats never a good place to be.

Welcome to another Lushous Friday Night at I am sure everybody is loving this weather right now, summer sure seems like its here already. With that said though, I somehow still have two weeks of skiing left! To the task at hand though, getting your weekend ready for raging! First up, I have my newest love coming from Seven Lions. Their remix of Florence and The Machines Cosmic Love is exactly what I love about the direction dubstep is going in. Sounding very similar to adventure club, Seven Lions has found that beautiful blend of bass wobble and soft lyrics. As I could probably ramble on for hours about this track, I will stop now. Just listen to this track and look at this weather, feels like it could be a summer anthem!

Another preview, this time working with TheVeldt by Deadmau5. This remix is a vocal work being done by Chris James. Its a very mellow track and the lyrics definitely help to bring it all together. Very appropriate music for how relaxed everybody is feeling with this weather!

Last up, keeping with the trends of remix and previews, we have Madeon. Throwing down his rendition of The Night Out – Martin Solveig, he proves to the world over and over again that he is the future of EDM. The quality is not perfect given that it is a radio rip from BBC Radio 1 but it is only the world exclusive release and clearly not finished yet! Look closely in the next few weeks as he perfects the track and gives it to the world!

So theres another Friday Night down powered by yours truly. Bask in these sunny rays while they last!

The Movement

Heyyy partay people!  It’s been a while since my last post but in the mean time I have since discovered an awesome new band- The Movement!  These dudes have been kicking out the sweet reggae jams since 2004, originally forming in South Carolina.  Upon formation, the  lineup merely consisted of guitarist Josh Swain and Jordan Miller on congas.  The duo utilized a drum machine to round out their sound, eventually bringing in DJ Riggles as well.  The trio released their critically acclaimed debut album On Your Feet that year, which is listed at #9 on The Pier’s Essential Reggae Rock Albums.  However, after DJ Riggles left the band, the original duo found themselves unsure of their future, until they met drummer Gary Jackson and his friend, guitarist Jay Schmidt who would wind up playing bass for the band.  With Philadelphonic Studio’s producer Chris DeBeneditto at the helm, the newly formed quartet recorded their sophomore album Set Sail in 2008, which after listening to, I can surely say cements the band as something here to stay.  To describe their sound I would say they are a laid back mix of tropical reggae, acoustic and hip hop, incorporating great use of Swain and Miller’s shared responsibility on songwriting and singing.   These guys are sure to blow up soon not only because of their great music but also because of the great relationship they have with their fans, which you can see for yourself by checking out their blog at Be sure to check out their new album One More Night which drops on March 20th and check ‘em out on tour right now!!

On an unrelated note, The Expendables(from my last post) are releasing their first ever all acoustic album, appropriately titled “Gone Soft” due out sometime this May and will be playing select acoustic/electric shows on the West Coast.

Below I have attached 3 of my favorite Movement songs from Set Sail and a BRAND NEW acoustic song that was recorded in the always dope MoBoogie Loft Recording Studio.  Enjoy, spread the music around and feel free to leave feedback.  Peace!


Download:Set Sail

Download:Another Man’s Shoes (feat. G. Love)

A Dose of Moombah Madness (and then some…)

What’s going on guys? It’s that time again, so get your party pants on. I’m still trying to come up with a creative yet unique name for the Justbustin show which happens to be on Mondays, but I’m trying to stay away from cliche’s like “Monday Madness” and “Mashup Monday”, so if you have suggestions let a brother know in the comment section below!

So last week wasn’t as juicy as I would have liked, nothing too crazy came up on my rage-radar (ragedar?…I’ll think about it), but what I did find were some absolutely nut-busting, face-melting, ass-kicking Moombahton jams that are sure to fuck up your speakers. This first song I found on Tuesday I believe and I’ve been itching to share it with you all. It’s a massively destructive collab by artists Jordigan, Rostik, and Wespeakprose. It’s called “Rome”, and it’s here to stay. As I mentioned in last week’s post, I’m trying to share as much underground music as possible, and luckily for me, these three artists have very few fans on Facebook and too much talent for words. This track is a screamer. It has crazy screwdrivers, the heaviest of bass (almost Crizzly-esque in a way), wobbles for days, synths that make my brain cry, and there’s even a slap bass after the second drop for all you funk fans out there (Top 10 Justbustin Drop list for sure). I literally JIMP‘d twice before the song hit the first massive drop. If you haven’t already heard this insane track I suggest you cop the free download off Soundcloud to guarantee you have this in your library for your next rage-fest. Fuck with this track.

Up next is a sick remix of “Fiddy Cut” by Milo & Otis. I have read on other blogs that this is actually the duo of Killagraham and NYMZ and their mission is Moombahton. Well, I would say mission accomplished. This track kicks hard, it’s got some pretty insane vibe to it and some cool washed-out effects. Definitely more mild than “Rome” but still harder than rock. GIve this a download and jam out.

One last Moombah jam for you guys, and it’s a Skrillex remix. Dotcom brings us a real heavy-hitter. The vocal chops are so sick and the tempo is perfect. Surprisingly, this track doesn’t overwhelm me. Contrary to what one would expect from a Skrillex remix, Dotcom gives you the bass in moderation and my speakers didn’t fuzz once. Definitely a must-have if you’re a Skrillex/Moombahton fan.

This next song is brought to you by none other than the Bass God himself, Bassnectar. You’ve probably heard this by now, and it’s arguably one of his better songs. I say arguably because the first thirty seconds are absolutely terrible. I was actually very unimpressed with the build, which brought a tear to my eye. The first section sounds like a child playing with blocks, and the next is comparable to an earlier Dada Life build. But once I got to the drop I tasted the redemption. The track is extremely full of sound, and it’s got a cool/unique sample. It’s for free download on his Facebook page so I’d check it out. While on the topic of Bassnectar though, I’ll share one of my personal favorites by him. Released on ThisSongIsSick’s Snowball Music Festival Playlist that came out a few weeks ago, Paging Stereophonic is one of the sickest chill-out songs I’ve listened to in a while. It’s not new by any means, but it definitely deserves a good listening to. Click the “playlist” link above to download the entire Snowball playlist, it’s got some unbelievable songs on there.

Now for a personal treat, my boys (I wish they were my boys) Will and James Saulsky (Synchronice) took a stab at some trance music and did an incredible job. I started following these guys in the beginning of this year and I will spread the word about them until I die. These kids are sick, and they’re not even out of high school yet. This track has a beautiful melody and is definitely something I can (and will) be sleeping to. On that note, don’t you dare sleep on this track or these brothers because they’ll be world famous before I finish college.

Flux Pavillion shares this epic track off of his upcoming album. Featuring Example (FP remixed Example’s “Midnight Run” a while back and it was absolutely nuts), this new track “Daydreamer” combines the dreaminess of a high-pitched synth with the gritty sound that’s native to Flux’s arsenal of creations. Click the link for a download.

Daydreamer – Flux Pavillion feat. Example

Lastly, I share with you a new Butch Clancy remix that is sure to shake up your dance floor. It’s a really mellow dubstep track that immediately made it to my favorites list. “Sway” is a crunch-bar of bass delight that will have your heart pumping to the beat. I honestly don’t have much background on Butch, but he’s been making dub for years and he’s got it down like funky town. Follow the link to Soundcloud where you can get a free download in the description. Eat it up.

There you have it. This post is definitely bass-heavy so next week I’ll try to bring you the best in House music. If you haven’t already, head over to Facebook and ‘like’ the Bombbeats page because we’re awesome and we love you. Enjoy the music, my friends.  Stay beautiful.



Welcome to Friday Night everybody. Tonights post is short but sweet. Next week though, being Spring Break and all, I will be posting more songs than you will know what to do with. So first up here we have what seems to be a regular here at Enthuzed, the dub step king, Minnesota. This track has no lie been on repeat all week and trust me my neighbors are plenty pissed off about it. It’s not new by any means but I find my self constantly coming back to this track.First song of the night, Push it by Minnesota:

Next up we have someone who has been consistently pumping out bomb and bomb. R3hab has now been around the scene long enough but I am still surprised at how many tracks he throws out. This song, a remix of Taio Cruz’s Troublemaker is going to be a big song this summer, you heard it here first.

I idolize a lot of people in the music industry but this guy is extremely high up on my list. Pierce Fulton, at just 20 years old, has established himself as a force to reckon with in the years to come. Enrolled at UVM, he somehow finds time to fly all over the world on the weekends for shows and still bring out face melting tracks. His newest single, Who Wants Spaghetti, has such an extremely catchy melody along with a deep and dirty baseline. If you haven’t hear of this guy, I suggest you go look him up because this is the future of music right here.

Final song of the night, to end things off nice and wobbly, we have Gramatik and Break Science with Boogie Down. Wait until you reach that certain level of something tonight to break this track out. I guarantee that if played at the right time, this song will make your nights adventures seem oh so much better.

Hopefully these track will lead right to a night of excitement for you and everyone around you. See you next thursday!

What Can Be Done In 4 Eva and One Day

I have begun to notice that lately, I do more apologizing for my neglect to provide great music for all of you than anything else. That is all about to change. With all UNH students coming up on a much needed Spring break, I’m sure we are all looking for a laid back and relaxing break, with the exception of some solid raging. With that being said, in the past few weeks some of my most favorite rappers have been putting out hard!

Last week Curren$y & Styles P dropped “#The1st28″ which was put together in exactly one day. That statement right there amazes me, not only for putting five songs together in twenty four hours, but for putting five QUALITY songs together in such a short period of time. For that reason alone, all of you should pay homage to this man, if you haven’t already. Here are two of my fav’s from the recent EP…

Download: Rule Book – Curren$y & Styles P

Download: Jekell N Hyde – Curren$y & Styles P

Following the Hot Spitta is Big K.R.I.T. who in my opinion, has one of the smoothest flows out there currently. I understand trill hip-hop isn’t for everyone, but for those who aren’t already convinced, you need to seriously think about why you like hip-hop. Artists like these are what keep hip-hop’s true roots alive and without out them, there would be nothing but Lil’ Wayne and Wiz Khalifa to represent the Hip-Hop game now-a-days. I don’t know about all of you, but unless we’re talking about Tha Carter & Tha Carter II or the old Wiz, I wan’t nothing to do with any of that mainstream bullshit. So understand what you’re listening to and enjoy some real music.

Download: 4EvaNaDay (Theme) – Big K.R.I.T.

Download: Handwriting – Big K.R.I.T.

Download: Insomnia [Guitar By Mike Hartnett] – Big K.R.I.T.

Download: Temptation – Big K.R.I.T

Although a week late, J.Cole has been dropping a solid amount of songs since the debut of his first album. The following is just one of the many that I enjoy, not to mention is just getting me fired up for when he comes to the dirty U!

Download: Visionz Of Home – J. Cole

This last gem is just a little something I found that showcases the true talent’s of the A$AP Mob. If you click play, please atleast wait until A$AP Rocky’s part, you won’t regret.

Enjoy your spring break and be safe.

Oh yeah… and rage hard!! YEWWWWW!



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