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Brett Dennen

It’s been a while since I posted, but this will make up for it. Brett Dennen is an acoustic mastermind, plain and simple. He has been around forever and has been a long time favorite for me. Don’t let every song get stuck in you’re head.

She’s mine by Brett Dennen 

By & By – Brett Dennen

Closer to You by Brett Dennen


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A much needed chill session…

Happy Wednesday everyone, i thought i would make this post a low key one because if you are like me this may be one of the hardest weeks of the semester. I had an EPIC weekend where I not only destroyed my liver but also killed a couple thousand brain cells in the process of making it one of my best Halloween/homecomings ever. With that said i now have loads of work in front of me and my brain is still in a daze from the weekend. So instead of writing about a specific band this week i thought i would just show you a bunch of videos from a bunch of different artists. The music ranges from bluegrass to folk, so find something you like and explore from there. I promise everyone can find at least one video they will like in this video playlist.

Avett Brothers, great new age folk band…

Everyones favortie new song in acoustic form, Foster the People, pumped up kicks…

Josh Ritter, great writer and singer…

Rodrigo y Gabriela, insane acoustic jammers…

Keller Williams, a real funky dude…

The Lovell Sisters, hott chicks that know Blue Grass…

Grouplove, their acoustic side…

Noah and the Whale, funky hipsters…

Hope this helped the hangover, till next time keep on chillen.





A little Green Sky…

First of all happy Halloween weekend to everyone! If you are here with me at UNH happy hallowcoming! That’s right the idiots at our school decided to take the two craziest weekends of the fall semester (homecoming and Halloween) and combine them. Don’t know what the were thinking, but its sure to be one to remember…or not remember. Anyways i decided to get back on the true bluegrass train as i have kind of taken a two week detour. The group i want to share with you guys today is true bluegrass in every sense of the genre. They are a group of stinky white boys from the mid west who really know how to pick their strings and sing songs. They are becoming more popular each and everyday even though they  have never really had a super hit. They are defiantly true to the acoustic roots, but even if you are a techno raver you should give these guys a chance. Here are a couple of songs from their live album, they are GREENSKY BLUEGRASS.

Reverend – Greensky Bluegrass

Pig In A Pen – Greensky Bluegrass

Nine Days – Greensky Bluegrass

No Idea – Greensky Bluegrass

Into The Rafters – Greensky Bluegrass

If you liked the sound of these guys get more info at And in case you want to dress up like a cowboy for Halloween, here is a song by the great willie nelson to sike you up while you are practicing your gun draw in the mirror…

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboy – Willie Nelson

Have a good weekend everyone! see you next week.




A Mellow Wednesday

Wow, we made it through the first true long weekend of the semester, and i know I’m not just speaking for myself when i say it was a ‘DOOSEY’. Anyway its a mellow feel on campus today so i thought i would bring that vibe into my post. Instead of focusing on one band like i have been, I’m going to give you a bunch of music that hopefully will help you get through the rest of the week, day, or even hour. There is good variety of bluesgrassy type music in this playlist so find what you like and dig a little deeper, enjoy…

No Idea – Greensky Bluegrass

Nothing I Can Do About It Now – Willie Nelson

New Orleans – Trampled by Turtles

Eyes Of The World – The Greatful Dead

I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow – soggy bottom boys

and here are some videos of a few acoustic names i have been listening to as of late…

and finally i leave you with an 8 year old kid playing the banjo with his brother on the fiddle that pretty much define shredddinggggg…

You me and the Devil?

In honor of my first comment-errr Peter, this post is about a funky western-esk band called, The Devil makes Three. The band plays a bluegrassy type sound almost like a faster/more hip version of the late and great Johnny Cash. The band has three members, two guys that sing(one plays the banjo and  the other plays guitar) and a girl that plays the up-right bass. They have four albums out, each with a little bit different sound than the previous. If you like any sort of bluegrass, country, western, OR NOT type of music you will enjoy listening to these guys. They mix old style melodies with new age lyrics which just make you feel good. And the best part is, most of their songs are about drinking!!!..something we can all relate to here in college. Here are a bunch of songs off their first/self titled album…

Shades – The Devil Makes Three

Beneath The Piano – The Devil Makes Three

The Bullet – The Devil Makes Three

For My Family – The Devil Makes Three

Old Number Seven – The Devil Makes Three

The last song above is my personal favorite because its about everyones favortie cowboy friend.. Jack Daniels! Here is a video of them performing a high tempo version of Old Number Seven.

If you liked these songs check out for more info. They are about to start their fall tour and i have heard they put on a drunken mess of a show!

Three words: MUMFORD AND SONS. Possibly the best band on earth right now PERIOD. The more you listen to these guys the more you will fall in love with their music. I could write about these guys for days and still not do them justice, so i will just let the music do the talking. As for their ‘type’ of music, the four young Englishmen wish not to confine their sound to just one genre. I describe it as folk-esk with a bluegrass and indie rock influence. But these guys don’t need one genre, their increasing popularity all over the world shows that their sound is working. The first song up is their massive hit, Little Lion Man. This version is really rare because it was recorded before Marcus(lead singer) started using a kick bass to add more thump.

Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man

If you liked that song you’re in luck, because it only gets better. The next song adds a little more melody and a trumpet! It is Winter Winds.

Mumford & Sons – Winter Winds

The next song is easy to love just by listening to the first 4 chords…the cave.

Mumford & Sons-The Cave

I leave you with a video of Mumford & Sons recorded during their “Bookshop Sessions” in which their true acoustic talent and heavy lyrics are portreyed. If you enjoyed these guys check out for news and updates about their tour and album(s) to come.


Well its wasted Wednesday yet again, not quite thirsty thursday but one day closer to the weekend. You are probably thinking about partying by this point but still have one or two tests/labs to get through. Well, my post this week is about a band that is here to help you. Don’t be fooled by their name, “Trampled by Turtles” is anything but a ‘slow’ band. Their use of fast paced strings and in your face lyrics written by lead singer Dave Simonett will help get you through any long homework or study session.  The first song has lyrics i think everyone can relate to, but beware it is very easy to fall in love with. Check out the video as it really shows their string picking talents and overall vibe of the band, the song, wait so long.

Wait So Long – Trampled by Turtles

Okay, if you didn’t like the last song I’m a little worried for our relationship, but give me another chance. This next little high energy number is about everyone’s favorite pain killer, and gives a good average white-boy perspective on the drug, codeine.

I will leave you with one last song that shows Dave Simonett’s superb writing ability. This song is a little slower paced but still displays TBT’s unique string picking abilities. It is off their latest album, Palomino and it is called Victory.

Victory – Trampled by Turtles

If you liked any of these songs i urge you to visit they have three really good albums out are expected to come out with another one soon. They are also always on tour and put on a PHENOMENAL show.

A Change in Pace…

I thought I would start my first post with something I think everyone can enjoy. It’s a band everyone has heard on the radio, in a bar, or at some late night sing-along around campus. The band is Old Crow Medicine Show(OCMS) and the song is Wagon Wheel.  The song isn’t new or even relatively new, it was actually written by Bob Dylan for a movie called Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, a western movie from the 70s. But no matter your taste in music the smooth melody and unique voice of lead singer Ketch Secor will make you want to sing along every time.

Since their big hit Wagon Wheel  came out in 2004, OCMS has continued to tour and produce classic sounding bluegrass while adding new age pace and relatable lyrics. I was fortunate enough to see them perform this summer in beautiful Telluride, CO with the up and coming band Mumford and Sons. Here is a song from a Nashville performance (camera phone footage..bare with me) of the two bands. This video really shows the energy these guys have while playing live. If you ever get the chance I urge you to go to an OCMS show and sing along! You will not regret it. Song: Tell it to me written by OCMS performed with Mumford and Sons.

If you enjoyed the songs above, Congratulations! You may actually have a real chance at enjoying bluegrass with me and millions of others around the globe. However, unless you are a hillbilly or weird like me you won’t listen to bluegrass everyday but that’s OKAY, for most it is nothing but a nice change in pace from the more popular types of music that run college campuses these days. With that said I leave you with one last song by Old Crow Medicine Show. The song is Caroline and it is one of their best written songs with a true bluegrass feel.



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