It’s been a while since my last post…what else is new?. Though my frequency in posts can be very inconsistent, it is only because I’m scouring the internet for some dope tunes to share with you. I collected many new songs over these past few weeks so be prepared for a summer of exquisite bass. For now I’m gonna lay the highly anticipated Knife Party EP on you guys. Rage Valley was finally released on beatport today and I must say…holy fuck. Sticking to their 4 song precedent with 100% No Modern Talking, the Australian duo has provided the music world with 4 of the greatest songs I have ever had the pleasure to rage inside my head. It is clear to me now that these guys are the Gods of Rage and must be worshipped properly. Sacrifice your stress to the Gods and partake in the rage ritual, holding nothing back. I must caution you though, this ain’t no beginner type shit. Experienced ragers only, newbies require supervision.

Rage Valley



Sleaze (feat. Mistajam)

Bonfire has to be the grimiest song I have ever heard, rage for days.

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