This weeks post is gonna be a quick one because, let’s face it, this is a lazy weekend and I’m exhausted from all the rage that got thrown down this week. Justbustin and I hit up the Feed Me and Kill The Noise concert on thursday night which was everything I ever imagined. We raged hard all night long and raged with everything we had. Both artists more than tickled my fancy and left the crowd with broken legs and enlightened minds. Although the bass at the club was less than satisfactory, I still felt it penetrating my skin and shaking my bones; can’t wait to see them again sometime. This week I have some tunes that are sure to get you raging right off the bat, and also some tunes that put you in the mood for some chillin, straight chillin; enjoy.

Feed Me – Trapdoor (feat. Hadouken!) [rage]

Dillon Francis & Kill The Noise – Dill The Noise [rage]

Rita Ora – R.I.P. (Delta Heavy Remix) [rage]

Gramatik – Talkbox Intended [chill]

Pretty Lights – We Must Go On [chill]

Manic Focus – Zeleke’s Magic Bass [chill]

Just to emphasize how awesome this song is (since Lushous snagged it first), I’ve decided to post it anyways

Skrillex – Ruffneck (Alvin Risk Remix) [rage]

Kill The Noise – Dying (Brown & Gammon Remix) [super rage]

Break Science – Wisdom of Antiquity [mega chill]

That’s all for this week; next saturday I’ll be hittin you with some tunes off my set list for my next gig on April 18. Enjoy the holiday weekend and let these tunes fuel your week (and drunken easter egg hunts? yeah, your drunken easter egg hunts).

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