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Here we are, another friday and another post. This week was treacherous to say the least but it has finally ended! So to not waste your night, tonight will be short and sweet. First up we have somebody knew to me but none the less worthy of being here. So since I do not have much to say, I will let the song speak for itself, so enjoy:

NExt up tonight we have america’s man, Kaskade. I see a large year coming for Kaskade and this newest release does not change my opinion. I’m not the largest mash-up fan but come on, it’s Kaskade! Plus this isnt just any mash-up, he did it using one of his own tracks. The song, Call out Epic with a solid mash of Sandro Silva and Kaskade himself.

So here we are again, Tiesto making another release and another banger. This guy is never going away and I love it! I am also psyched to see Swanky Tunes making big waves in the EDM world with the help of Tiesto and Club Life. The song, Make Some Noise so why don’ we do just that!

Short and sweet, just like I said. Have a fantastic night and go hard this weekend!

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Let’s Get Aggroooo!!

Happy hump day everybody!  If you forgot since my last post, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad released their new album “In These Times” yesterday!!  Definitely give it a listen because you can stream the ENTIRE album on their website, as well as download an awesome 17 song sampler on their website FO’ FREE right here  On another tangent, Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger(I had no idea they were still around) just announced a tour w/ Suburban Legends, in which they will be playing HOB in Boston and Lupo’s in Providence this June!!!  Set your calendars because RBF puts on a great show, and seeing Goldfinger live would be a very, very rare opportunity.

Now that we’ve taken care of that, its Wednesday once again, which means that I have a fresh reggae band for ya’ll to chiggity check out.  Their name is The Aggrolites and they’ve been bringing their self-proclaimed “dirty reggae” sound to the Los Angeles reggae scene since the early 2000’s.  Forming from the break up of The Vessels and The Rhythm Doctors,  The Aggrolites have since put out 5 full length records, their most recent being “Rugged Road” in 2011, which was their first album with Young Cub Records, a label based out of Boston, Mass.  These cats have an impressive touring resume, which includes serving as the backing band for such music icons as Phyllis Dillon, Prince Buster, an even ex-Hellcat label-mate and Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong.  I personally think that their album with Armstrong,  “A Poet’s Life”, is an impressive and bold departure for him, since most punk fans have strictly known him as a  punk musician for the past 20 years.  Regardless, The Aggrolites are an extremely tight band-musically and personally- and they put on one hell of a live show from what I remember, as I saw them with Slightly Stoopid a few years back at Lupo’s.  Def give these guys a listen, they won’t dissapoint.  Oh yeah, do yourself a favor and download their new live album “Unleashed Live Vol. 1″ here for FREE  You won’t regret it.

Below I have attached some songs from their album IV, as well as songs off of “A Poet’s Life” with Tim Armstrong.  Enjoy!!


Download:What A Complex

Download:Reggae Summertime

Download:Translator – Tim Armstrong feat. The Aggrolites

Download:Among The Dead – Tim Armstrong feat. The Aggrolites

Download:Hold On – Tim Armstrong feat. The Aggrolites

Also, here’s an awesome new video of the guys playing their song “Work to Do” on MoBoogie!!

Hope you enjoyed the post and the music.  Download it, spread it with your friends and family and feel free to comment!  Peace!

Jam Sandwich

Yo yo yo, what’s up guys? This post is not on a Monday, but that’s alright because I raged so hard at Feed Me last Thursday with my boy NASS that I had to recoup for 5 whole days. So this post is going to be completely colossal, I’ve got too many tunes for you guys, all of which I dug up since last week. Prepare for the biggest EDM meal of your life.

First off, since nobody else has posted this yet I have the pleasure of bringing you Mashup-Germany‘s newest addition to his unstoppable collection of impeccable mashups. My roommate brought this to my attention today and I’ve since listened to the whole thing and I can tell you every song is worth the download. Here’s a link to the entire album, and I’ll include my favorites off the album if you’re just in need of a few quick treats. Enjoy dis shit!

Back to the Future – Mashup-Germany

Fixing Titanium

Starships Dance Floor Porn

I’m Glad You Came

Who Knew Someone Like You…

Next up is a new artist to me who goes by the moniker “Shreddie Mercury” and he’s an incredible DJ/Producer. I have no clue as to why he’s only got 296 fans on Facebook, but this guy means business. All of his remixes are perfect, and he’s got some originals that rock under his belt as well. Keep an eye on him for the future. Below are a few favorites I’ve established already.

Chromeo – Night by Night (Shreddie Mercury Remix)

Phoenix – 1901 (Shreddie Mercury Remix)

Alright, so I’ve got one more new artist to share with you all and I’m proud to say we shared some short conversation via Facebook message today. His name’s Zach Cwieka (DJ SweekUh) and he fucking kills it. First of all, he’s adapted a style of remix that I’ve never seen before in my life known as 8Bit. He basically takes a sick song and makes it sound like the underworld theme to an old SEGA game (for all those who don’t know what 8Bit is). He also dominates with his ability to create beautiful originals and high-energy remixes of well known EDM bangers, as well as put together incredible mashups. Give him a like on Facebook and definitely follow him on Soundcloud, Twitter, and whatever other social media platform you can find him on.

This first track was dropped a few days ago and it’s an amazing bootleg that you definitely have to download.

Now for some Martha’s Vineyard talent. As always, I’m trying to get the underdogs their deserved attention so I’ve gotta post  Euphony‘s new track. With every release I hear more and more talent come to the surface. I’m seriously impressed with the amount of work he puts in to production. No download for this one, but still completely worth the listen and share.

After that we’ve got Hath the DJ, another Vineyard native who’s been working on songs since before I was in the game. He just released this Usher remix a few days ago and it’s definitely a jam. It’s got a real proggy, laid back feel to it and it’s prefect for chilling out. Give it a download and spread it around!

As most of you should know, Nicky Romero released an original for free the other day for hitting 100K fans on facebook. “Tension” is a fun track that brings the familiar Romero feel to the table. Download it simply because it’s Nicky Romero and it’s FREE.

Nicky Romero – Tension (Vocal Mix)

Nope, this post isn’t over yet. I’m not gonna bother you with a write-up on these songs, just download them and play them at your next party because people will go crazy.

Astronomia – Tony Igy

Promise Me an Aural Psynapse – Sweekuh

I Wanna Go Kill Everybody With Disco Fries – Sweekuh

Siren (Just One) – Milo & Otis

Alesso vs. Steerner vs. Medina – You And ID (Pixel Cheese Bootleg)

Sorry to take up so much room with the Soundcloud players, but I like you guys to see the waveforms and listen to the songs first before you download them. I know the troubles of downloading too much music onto a harddrive.

There you have it, the most gigantic post I’ve ever made (and probably ever will). I hope you guys spread all this around with your friends and make the panties drop at all your upcoming events. Props to Bombbeats homedawgs Lushous and NASS for their gig at UNH on the 20th. Hopefully I’ll somehow make it up to see that display of skill. That’s about all I’ve got for you animals this week, so enjoy the chunes. Until I post again,


BombBeats crew against the World!

Ok, so its not against the world, but it’s still going to be a sweet night. Myself (Lushous) and Nick (NASS) will be hitting up libbys in two weeks to throw down hopefully some of the most epic sets this school has seen. Check out the info below and be sure to come down on the 20th!

Everything EDM: Rage or Chill? Both?

This weeks post is gonna be a quick one because, let’s face it, this is a lazy weekend and I’m exhausted from all the rage that got thrown down this week. Justbustin and I hit up the Feed Me and Kill The Noise concert on thursday night which was everything I ever imagined. We raged hard all night long and raged with everything we had. Both artists more than tickled my fancy and left the crowd with broken legs and enlightened minds. Although the bass at the club was less than satisfactory, I still felt it penetrating my skin and shaking my bones; can’t wait to see them again sometime. This week I have some tunes that are sure to get you raging right off the bat, and also some tunes that put you in the mood for some chillin, straight chillin; enjoy.

Feed Me – Trapdoor (feat. Hadouken!) [rage]

Dillon Francis & Kill The Noise – Dill The Noise [rage]

Rita Ora – R.I.P. (Delta Heavy Remix) [rage]

Gramatik – Talkbox Intended [chill]

Pretty Lights – We Must Go On [chill]

Manic Focus – Zeleke’s Magic Bass [chill]

Just to emphasize how awesome this song is (since Lushous snagged it first), I’ve decided to post it anyways

Skrillex – Ruffneck (Alvin Risk Remix) [rage]

Kill The Noise – Dying (Brown & Gammon Remix) [super rage]

Break Science – Wisdom of Antiquity [mega chill]

That’s all for this week; next saturday I’ll be hittin you with some tunes off my set list for my next gig on April 18. Enjoy the holiday weekend and let these tunes fuel your week (and drunken easter egg hunts? yeah, your drunken easter egg hunts).

Welcome everyone to an incredibly Lushous Friday!  Tonights line up is headlined by a big name, followed by a bunch of up and comers. Although I know for most, this may be a more chill weekend due to easter, I know for some, this will still be a weekend filled with bass and bumping. So through these tracks on the speakers to get the party started! First up tonight we have the man himself, Avicii. I definitely have mad respect for Avicii and everything he has done in his career so far. This next one though, definitely puts is a highlight for the year. After being introduced by Madonna at Ultra Music Fest in Miami, he then proceeded to drop a fresh new remix of Madonna’s Girl Gone Wild. This song changes from the usual Avicii mellow and turns it upside down with a hard hitting synth that will give you shivers!

Girl Gone Wild ( Avicii Remix) – Madonna

Next up here we have a remix of a classic track by Fleetwood Mac. I know many of you are sitting there thinking how the hell Fleetwood Mac could ever be remixed, but just wait till you listen to this track. It’s by upcoming producer hailing from Brooklyn, Dave Edwards. Dave has been crushing in remix after remix and definitely getting a ton of attention for it. He is well known at the top of the Hype Machine top 10’s and we can definitely expect to see more. Without going on all night, here is the track:

This next duo, coming from my hometown, Toronto, is on a seriously steep pitch to fame. There last track, Crazy Crazy, definitely tossed them quite a bit farther then they had anticipated but they did not back down. They followed it up with tonights tune, an Eric Clapton remix. Thats right, ERIC CLAPTON! Who would have thought? Anyways, you should definitely give these guys a listen because they have some serious skills!

I have been seeing the name Alvin Risk popping up every where over the last week and after listening to his tracks, I know why! This guy is making moves, and I mean big ones. The first track I heard of his was his remix of We Are Young by Fun. I’m going to include this track too because it deserves the attention:

So then after hearing that track, I’m starting to see some serious future for this guy but figured I would have to wait for a new release. But then I get onto my computer today and who is it but none other than Alvin Risk with yet another mix, this time going after Skirllex’s Ruffneck. Two tracks and two listens that you should definitely listen to me about, do it!!

So as tonight comes to an end, I leave you with an up and coming legend. TheFatRat has legitimately remixed every sick song I can think of and is nowhere near stopping. I can’t say I have found a track of his that I have not liked and this one is no different. This time going after Martin Solveigs – The Night Out. Last week we listened to Madeon’s take, which he totally killed and now we have another remix, although completely different, absolutely amazing in a new direction:

Now get off your computer and enjoy The Night Out ….. yeah, I went there! See ya next week!

What A Week In The #Digital Era

As promised, this week was SOOO much better than last, to the point that I’m overwhelmed with all of the quality music put out. Before I provide the download links to Young Roddy’s “Good Sense” mixtape and Gramatik’s “#digitalfreedom” mixtape, I wan’t to share two top-notch freestyles put out this week. And yes, this shit is off the dome, none of that pre-written bullshit (with the exception of some of A$AP’s verses). Oh and if you click on the freestyles, WATCH ALL OF THEM! I promise it’s worth your time!

Soul Assassins Radio Freestyle – Los

My Favourite Verse – A$AP Rocky

For those of you who don’t know Young Roddy, he’s part of Curren$y’s crew, The JETS. Roddy just released his first solo mixtape April 1st, and I must say, it’s pretty dope. If you listen to any one song, I suggest “Trapologists”. Just Enjoy This Shit!

Download: Trapologist ft. Nesby Phips – Young Roddy

Download: Russian Roulette ft. Smoke Dza – Young Roddy

Download: LM Bravehearts – Young Roddy

Download: What That Is Ft. Curren$y – Young Roddy

Download: Freedom of Speech – Young Roddy

Although Gramatik’s new mixtape has MUCH more of a dubstep feel, I can’t help but post it. The typical Gramatik genre is that of a Hip-Hop/Electro feel, which I always dig. But I must say, he does a great job with this one!

Download: 23 Flavors – Gramatik

As always, I encourage each and everyone of you to go out and download the full mixtape for any artist I post. With that being said here are the links for both “Good Sense” and “#digitalfreedom”. Support these dudes and go download them!!

Good Sense – Young Roddy

#digitalfreedom – Gramatik



Favorites for Days, part two.

Hey, friends. Sorry this post is so late (and probably won’t be published until Tuesday). I spent an hour writing it up then published it on the wrong blog….I can’t even describe how annoyed I am. Nevertheless, the post will be made. I’m just gonna do a bit of copy-and-pasting to make up for lost time, so if some things seem off…it’s because I fucked up the entire post. But regardless, the tunes tonight are 100 percent rage-certified.

Yo people, another week under the belt. I’ve got a big night ahead of me this Thursday, I’ll be seeing Feed Me and Kill The Noise with my rage-bro Nick Schilling (NASS). We’ll be holding down the dance floor all night long. Last week I told you guys I’d be posting a bunch of my favorite jams to give you a true taste of what I’m all about, and that’s what tonight is all about. I’ve got a few newer tracks I found that I have to share first, though.

First up, I’ve gotta give props to Sex Ray Vision on their new release. Last week, SRV dropped an EP that actually had me pretty impressed. I’m usually not a huge fan of the summer-type mash-bash pool party whateverthefuck genre you would classify artists like Kap Slap and Sex Ray Vision as, but this EP took a turn that I never thought I’d see an SRV production take. “Relax” is a nine-track EP that absolutely kicks ass. It’s got everything from dubby/moombahton to house bangers that will get you off your feet. I really urge you all to download this FREE new EP. There’s also been some confusion about the members who actually make up SRV, and their Bio indicates that all their tunes are produced by Ravi Parikh. Click the link above to be taken to the Facebook page which includes a link to both the download for the new EP and a link to the SRV website where all songs can be downloaded for free. For anyone who just wants the album, click here for a direct line.

Now for a few new tunes before I present my personal favorites. This next track was shown to me by my roommate-to-be Kwasi a few nights ago and it absolutely kicks ass. Dmitry KO gives this Starkillers & Nadia Ali original an insane remix filled with room to move. Definitely give this song a download.

Next is a Haydn Hoffman specimen that kicks hard. “Self-Destruct” is his new moombahcore banger that will quickly become notorious for ruining whatever speakers it’s played through. I don’t even know how to describe it, it’s just fucking awesome. I also have no idea why he only has 3,100 fans on Facebook. What a shame… Anyway, download it right now.

This track is probably the best thing that Kap Slap, King of Bro’s, has ever created. One of the most unbelievable mash-attacks I’ve ever heard, “Breakin’ The Doors” combines a handful of killer jams that are the key to a rager’s heart. Like I said before, I’m not usually a big fan of the mashup scene, but this song goes real hard and that’s something I will always appreciate. Give it a good listen.

 Now, here’s the Justin Oslyn hand-picked Favorites List so far. I’ve gone through everything I’ve downloaded since August and chosen the songs that really drove me to want to promote, share, and love EDM and everything it has to offer. It really is about the emotion behind the music to me, and these songs mean a lot to me. Love them as they love you and download the FUCK out of them.
Odyssey [OVERWERK]
The number of dorm parties this song helped keep in motion first semester cannot be fathomed. May this song live on forever.
These last few tracks have literally made me cry. They were some of the first EDM songs I ever listened to and they’re beautiful.
So there you have it. Those are some of my all time favorite songs. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to construct a list that includes all of my favorites from all reaches of EDM. Perhaps I’ll create a playlist at the end of this year and upload that. Anyway, I hope you enjoy all the tunes. Some you may have heard, some you may have not. Either way, they all dominate my life and should continue to dominate for years to come. Enjoy, my friends.

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