To be quite frank, this week has been a shitty week for hip-hop. To be even more honest, the best thing that came out this week was Bieber’s new CD…. PHAAAAA just kidding. But on a serious note, although nothing worthwhile came out, I figured I’d still post something to keep you listening. With that being said, “The Town” by Macklemore is an old one, but regardless, it’s great. If I could pick one white rapper to represent the Hip-Hop game, Macklemore would definitely be up there among my top picks. He doesn’t rap about stupid shit, each song has it’s own meaning and tells a different story. It’s tough for me to pick any one song by this guy to represent him, so I suggest you all go out and look him up; that is, if you haven’t heard of him. Enjoy.

Download: The Town – Macklemore

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