Logic may  not be a “new” artist; however, when I recently heard that there were still people that haven’t heard of him, I knew I had to post some of his music. With that being said, the basis of this post is not to post brand new music, but to introduce some artists that have been around, but are still not getting the recognition that they deserve. Below are a few tracks from “Young Sinatra”, which DO NOT disappoint, followed by Hodgy Beats and Young Roddy.

Download: Live On The Air – Logic

Download: Young Sinatra III

Download: Young Sinatra II – Logic

Download: Juice – Logic

Download: Prime – Logic

Download: Growing Pains II – Logic

Download: Bullshittin’ – Hodgy Beats

Download: Lately – Hodgy Beats

Download: Ave. – Hodgy Beats

Download: The Plot – Young Roddy

Although I have provided you with some of my favorites from these artists mix-tapes, I highly encourage you to go support them and download their mix-tapes! Enjoy!


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