Alright so anybody who has been following BombBeats for a while is probably wondering who the hell Lushous is. Well after fighting the name for almost 2 years now, I have decided to finally embrace it and change my DJ name officially to Lushous. I knew that BLVD was only a temporary name, but I feel this one will be around for a long time to come. So tonight is my first post as Lushous and hopefully I will start off with a bang.

So the world of music has been kind of slow in the last week without many tracks that really got me excited. I did manage to find a few so I will start off with these. First up is a Red Hot Chili Peppers remix, which surprisingly are not remixed well very often. This bootleg, coming from the Promise Land, is sure be a club banger in no time.There giving it away for free too, so grab it before they charge for it! So here it is, Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication ( Promise Land Bootleg):

This next one, although not new, has gained a immense amount of publicity in the past few weeks. As a tribute to Whitney Houston, here is the Van Hooft & Forever Kid Remix of How Will I Know:

The much anticipated and waited for release from Alesso is finally here, although still only released as a 2:30 preview. This song is going to be huge though, trust me with that. Plus after seeing this guy live at UNH, it’s easy to tell that Alesso is here to stay! So heres Alesso’s newest single, Years:

While were talking about Alesso, the time has finally come when we get to listen to a released version of Calling with Vocals. Officially called Calling “Lose My Mind”, here is Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso’s joint speaker blower:

As I mentioned above, I had the pleasure of seeing R3hab, Alesso and David Guetta live two weeks ago and it was insane to say the least. Since all the videos I took on my flip were incredibly shaky, here is the official after movie. Try and say UNH doesn’t know how to throw a party after watching this video!

So nobody can debate that Skrillex has been getting a lot of hype lately due to his 3 Grammy wins. He took the original Cinema by Benny Benassi and made it the top remix of 2011 as crowned by the Grammy committee. So what happens when you take that same song and instead of turning it up 5 levels of intense, you bring it down 10 levels? You get Jason Evigan’s remix, which is impossible to describe as it leaves you speechless. So if your going to only watch a bit of this video, please make sure you watch at least 2 minutes of it.

Back to motivating your weekend activities, I leave you with a video and a song that will do nothing else but pump you up.  The track is DIY by Savoy who, as posted a few days ago, will be coming to Killington for the SnowMont Music Festival. This track was also featured in a commercial for GoPro cameras. GoPro has used many EDM artist for ad’s including Skrillex and The Glitch Mob. Savoy’s DIY adds so much to the commercial which features motorcycle riding by Ronnie Renner:

So hopefully that was the dose of music you were looking for and a solid introduction to Lushous. See you Friday!


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