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My Name is Lushous

Alright so anybody who has been following BombBeats for a while is probably wondering who the hell Lushous is. Well after fighting the name for almost 2 years now, I have decided to finally embrace it and change my DJ name officially to Lushous. I knew that BLVD was only a temporary name, but I feel this one will be around for a long time to come. So tonight is my first post as Lushous and hopefully I will start off with a bang.

So the world of music has been kind of slow in the last week without many tracks that really got me excited. I did manage to find a few so I will start off with these. First up is a Red Hot Chili Peppers remix, which surprisingly are not remixed well very often. This bootleg, coming from the Promise Land, is sure be a club banger in no time.There giving it away for free too, so grab it before they charge for it! So here it is, Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication ( Promise Land Bootleg):

This next one, although not new, has gained a immense amount of publicity in the past few weeks. As a tribute to Whitney Houston, here is the Van Hooft & Forever Kid Remix of How Will I Know:

The much anticipated and waited for release from Alesso is finally here, although still only released as a 2:30 preview. This song is going to be huge though, trust me with that. Plus after seeing this guy live at UNH, it’s easy to tell that Alesso is here to stay! So heres Alesso’s newest single, Years:

While were talking about Alesso, the time has finally come when we get to listen to a released version of Calling with Vocals. Officially called Calling “Lose My Mind”, here is Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso’s joint speaker blower:

As I mentioned above, I had the pleasure of seeing R3hab, Alesso and David Guetta live two weeks ago and it was insane to say the least. Since all the videos I took on my flip were incredibly shaky, here is the official after movie. Try and say UNH doesn’t know how to throw a party after watching this video!

So nobody can debate that Skrillex has been getting a lot of hype lately due to his 3 Grammy wins. He took the original Cinema by Benny Benassi and made it the top remix of 2011 as crowned by the Grammy committee. So what happens when you take that same song and instead of turning it up 5 levels of intense, you bring it down 10 levels? You get Jason Evigan’s remix, which is impossible to describe as it leaves you speechless. So if your going to only watch a bit of this video, please make sure you watch at least 2 minutes of it.

Back to motivating your weekend activities, I leave you with a video and a song that will do nothing else but pump you up.  The track is DIY by Savoy who, as posted a few days ago, will be coming to Killington for the SnowMont Music Festival. This track was also featured in a commercial for GoPro cameras. GoPro has used many EDM artist for ad’s including Skrillex and The Glitch Mob. Savoy’s DIY adds so much to the commercial which features motorcycle riding by Ronnie Renner:

So hopefully that was the dose of music you were looking for and a solid introduction to Lushous. See you Friday!


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New Guy, New Post

Hey, what’s up guys? My name’s Justin Oslyn and I’ll be contributing to the blog from now on. Quick bio: I’m a freshman at Bridgewater State University (for any prospective college kids out there in search of a school, don’t go here…just don’t). All I fucking do is rage electronic music, so that’s mostly what you’ll be seeing from me. I read tons of music blogs all over the internet so I’m usually pretty up to date with what’s been released. Once I figure out when I’ll be posting I’ll try to get some sort of category down, but for now I’m just gonna show you guys a couple of my favorite tracks to give you a feel of what I’m all about.

This first one is by a group who goes by the name of Pance Party, made up by three of San Francisco’s finest 24-year old dudes. They’re all about the funky-retro feel of a hard bass and tweaked out synths. Sadly, this download isn’t available through Soundcloud, but they generously provide a link to download their full EP on their website (

The next song is brought to you by one of my top five personal favorite electro artists. OVERWERK, from Canada (eh!) has made huge progress in the last year. His EP (basically an album, 6 total bangers) is also available for free on his Facebook page (Again,I’ve no idea how to add hyperlinks yet, so you’ll have to manually go to Facebook and search for OVERWERK, but it’s not too much werk). He combines sexuality and absolutely impeccable bass lines to make some of the coolest music you’ve heard in a while. This song is one of my favorites off his new EP “The Nth Degree” and is definitely ammunition for your next party playlist.

Hope you guys enjoy these songs. I’ve been wicked busy with midterms and papers so this is just a quick intro-post, but I’m stoked to be bringing you the jams.


The Expendables

Good afternoon everyone!  I am writing today instead of my usual Tuesday post because this is loooong overdue and I will be very busy tomorrow.  If you haven’t heard of Santa Cruz’s The Expendables, let me formally introduce you to them.  This laid-back quartet is NOT your typical reggae band.  They blend the familiar elements of the reggae and dub genre with incredibly fast punk rhythms, often laced with  80’s inspired guitar dueling solos and some truly amazing finger tapping courtesy of their lead guitarist Raul.  A great example of this is found in their cover of Eek-a-Mouse’s “Ganja Smuggling”, off of their self-titled album.  These Cali brethren have been together since 1997, and released their fifth full length “Prove It” in 2010.  The album, produced by NOFX’s own El Hefe, is somewhat of a departure for the band, incorporating more acoustic elements, as well as guest appearances from label-mates Slightly Stoopid as well as G Love from G Love and Special Sauce.  Unfortunately, the boys just wrapped up their now annual Winter Blackout Tour, but you can most likely expect to see them this summer as they tour quite frequently.  Do not miss them live if you get the chance!  I can say from experience that they are sure not to disappoint you.

Below I have attached some of my favorite songs from the band’s discography, as well as an awesome acoustic video featuring only lead singer and fellow mustache enthusiast Geoff Weers.  Enjoy!

Download:Ganja Smugglin’

Download:One More Night


Download:She Doesn’t Know


Everything EDM

So yeah, needless to say it’s been a while since my last post and I’m not proud of it. However, I’ve decided that it’s probably a good idea for me to start prepping my posts ahead of time. Saturday nights for me are now for everything EDM, that means house, electro, dubstep, and everything in between.  I’m just gonna toss out a handful of songs at the end of each week that continue to hold my attention and please my ear drums beyond belief. So here’s to committing to hooking you guys up with free music consistently, because you all deserve it. EDM is taking over quickly and it’s necessary for you all to be equipped with the right tunes to fuel your lives. Keep the movement alive and well people, love life and live to music.

This first song is a gem that I discovered in my iTunes two weeks ago, and I still find myself singing it day in and day out. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Break Science – Light Speed Transit

Here’s a few songs that I recently came across that absolutely slam and are guaranteed to set the bass mood right.

Coven – Wake You Up

Porter Robinson – Spitfire (Kill The Noise Remix)

Krewella – Killin It

Now that I’ve hit you with some bass, here’s some electro and house tunes that are sure to keep you dancing all your problems away.

Jack Back – Wild One Two (feat. David Guetta, Nicky Romero & Sia)

Porter Robinson – Say My Name (Conspirator Remix)

Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl – In My Mind (Axwell Remix)

That’s all for this post, hope I have you guys raging all night to these chunes. Hopefully I can finally keep on track with these weekly posts; deuces.

A Little Late

Sorry about the delay but here’s some cool songs that I’ve been listening to

Flax – Gem Club

Steve McQueen – M83

Twins – Gem Club

The Hours – Exitmusic

Wait – M83

Midnight City – M83

252 – Gem Club

Weekend Starter: Dillion Francis, Project 46

Deadmau5 is obviously full of surprises left and right.Heres another surprise, his newest release, Maths:

Heres some new music, hopefully these songs will get onto your music playing devices in time to make your weekend all it can be. One artist that I have been absolutely loving lately is Dillon Francis. He has been dropping banger after banger and in my opinion is one of the biggest up and comers right now. In the studio he’s been nothing short of extraordinary and his live performances are from what I’ve heard impossible to beat. Now to the music, since I am sure everyone is probably sick of listening to me by now. First up we have his newest release, a remix of his original track, IDGAFOS. Here it is, first song of the night, IDGAFOS 2.0 by Dillon Francis.

Dillon Francis – IDGAFOS 2.0

Next up we have another speaker blower from Dillon Francis. This track, released 5 days ago, does not disappoint in the slightest. Teaming up with Kill the Noise to bring a fine mesh of talent, here is Dill the Noise:

Basically if those last two songs have no intrigued you enough to go get as much Dillon Francis as you can, then maybe this will convince you. A remix of Steve Aoki’s Earthquaky People, putting his signature Moonbahton sound down on this already killer track. Please listen to this one, trust me its worth your time!!!

Next up, we have a Project 46, who has been absolutely blowing the doors off of the music blog world. Hailing from the beautiful great white north, residing only an hour from where I grew up, they are doing something right really quickly. There last four releases have topped the Beatport, Hype Machine and iTunes lists while also shaking clubs and venues around the world. Their newest release, a remix of Alesso’s newest track, is just amazing.Also Check out these tracks and check out Project 46, going to be a big big year for them, starting with a debut at the Miami Music Week.

So there you have it, a late but hopefully essential post to satisfy your musical taste buds. I am already starting on next weeks post so prepare to have more music than you can handle be thrown onto your computer.

Love Is In The Air

With Valentines Day coming up, I figured I’d put a little medley of love songs together.

The first one is a tribute to an amazing singer who just passed away. This is Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”

The next one is a song from a great movie, Top Gun, and it really makes the scene that it’s in.

Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

Jack Johnson’s love songs are always so meaningful because he writes every one of them for his wife so I have to include this one.

This last one is just a personal favorite from a band that I like.

In Memory of a True Revolutionary

So if y’all didn’t realize it, yesterday was the birthday of the one and only Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley.  This man was revolutionary in bringing Jamaican reggae music into the mainstream; a socially conscious man that throughout his life made a commitment to putting an end to violence and racial hatred between different cultures.  I wanted to pay my respects to a man that not only means so much to music in general, but because even after his death, his music continues to uplift and unite millions of people around the world.  Here I have compiled a list of some Bob originals, as well as some sweet covers.  Much respect and RIP Mr. Marley.

Download:Kinky Reggae – Bob Marley

Download:Concrete Jungle – Bob Marley

Download:Buffalo Soldier – Bob Marley

Download:Three Little Birds – Bob Marley

Download:Simmer Down – Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Download:Real Situation – Sublime

Download:One Cup of Coffee/Judge Not – Sublime

And here’s a dope version of “Could You Be Loved” by none other than Passafire’s Ted Bowne!!


Here Is Just The Beginning

Although it’s Tuesday and I shouldn’t be posting so soon, I figured this couldn’t wait. As we all know, Sunday was a dull day for most New Englanders. Almost nothing good came from that day, with exception of one thing; Curren$y’s newest EP – Here. All I have to say is thank god for this man. I have heard over time that some people just cannot seem to grasp his music, which is absurd, but I am willing to accept that not all of you have the greatest taste in music. With that said, If you listen to the fourth track, “Livin” and can honestly still tell me that you cannot grasp Curren$y, you are a hopeless individual. Just Enjoy This Shit!

Download: Pay Attention – Curren$y

Download: #CruiseLife – Curren$y

Download: What Da Fuck – Curren$y

Download: Livin – Curren$y

Download: Conference Call – Curren$y ft. The Jets



When the Hip-Hop Game Just Doesn’t Put Out…

Unfortunately, I am only able to post a few songs tonight due to the fact that the Hip-Hop community has just not produced anything worthwile this week. Thus, I have resorted to two artists that never dissapoint. Yelawolf and Big K.R.I.T. have become two very well known Hip-Hop artists throughout the industry in the past year or two and continuously produce dope music. As bad as I feel for the lack of new music this week, I know these two songs will not dissapoint.

Download: I Do Freestyle – Yelawolf

Download: Boobie Miles – Big K.R.I.T.

Enjoy the weekend,



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