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The time has finally come. I know that today is not my usual day to post, but with news like this I figured it was absolutely necessary.  For those of you who listen to real music, you have most definitely heard of Avicii; and more specifically his House anthem LE7ELS.  Well my friends, today Avicii released the official music video to the song and it is better than I could have ever imagined.  It’s witty, funny, and very representative of EDM taking over the world.  Watch, listen, dance, and spread the word.  EDM is here and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Now let’s party!

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The Fresh Aer movement nails it hard again with a sick remix. Check it out, and enjoy.

Weekly Dose of Dubstep

Well, as usual the weekend has flown by and I find myself back at the computer scouring my collection of dubstep for the weekly post.  While home on break for Thanksgiving I spent a lot of time downloading new music and although I don;t have much to contribute this week, I’ll make up for it with quality.  For those of you who follow the website (and it’s much appreciated) you all know that I am a huge fan of electronic music.  No matter if it’s House, Trance, Electro, DnB, or Dubstep; I will give everything a listen and 10 times out of 10 will love the song.  It’s very hard to find an electronic song that I don’t like, meaning it’s also very easy for me to find a song I love.  So here are a few songs to get you through the week and I hope you learn to love em all as much as I do.  Turn up the volume and pump the bass cause I’m about to take you on one hell of a ride.

New GRiZ tune released today:

Kanye West – Can’t Tell Me Nothing (GRiZ Remix)

Netsky gives his DnB Remix a remix on this one:

Rusko – Everyday (Netsky VIP Remix)

There’s a couple commercials for The North Face on TV, these may sound familiar if you’ve seen them:

Bassnectar – Above and Beyond (feat. Seth Drake) [previously posted]

Bassnectar – Magical World (feat. Nelly Furtado)

Mini Essential Mix:

Skrillex – Essential Mini-Mix

Insane remix of a house classic:

Swedish House Mafia – Save The World (Knife Party Remix)

That’s it for today’s post, keep an eye out for another Schillectro Saturday comin up. Gonna be a post of epic proportion.

Mash Potatoes

This week’s Sunday post is just a mash up of a bunch of random songs that I like.

Aqueous Transmission – Incubus

San Francisco – Brett Dennen

Casimir Pulaski Day – Sufjan Stevens

Castles Made of Sand – Slightly Stoopid

Wet Sand – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Loud Pipes – Ratatat

Dissident – Pearl Jam

Alone – The Morning After Girls

Healing Hands – Citizen Cope


Look Into My Eyes

So it’s been quite a while since I made my last Saturday night electro post, and for that I apologize.  Life has been pretty crazy lately with school work, exams, parties, and Avicii concerts. Now that I have the opportunity to sit down in my room at home and have some peace and quiet, I figured it might be a good idea to make one hell of a post.  Lately I have been scouring my iTunes for inspiration for when I make my entry into the production world next semester.  BLVD and I have been talking more frequently about production and because of that i have decided to post about my greatest inspiration, American DJ/Producer Kaskade.  Rated America’s best DJ 2011, Kaskade is no stranger to the EDM game; in his early 40s, this guy has been tearin it up for well over  decade and is just now gaining some major attention.  His latest album Fire & Ice shows just how versatile he can be, pumping out 10 House bangers and a second CD with his “ICE” mixes to those songs.  Kaskade is more a musician than a producer, incorporating meaningful lyrics and unbelievable harmonies into every one of his songs.  My personal favorite of his has to be Eyes, complimented by the beautiful voice of Mindy Gledhill, the lyrics speak to me like no other song and it has become the driving force behind my desire to produce.  It’s time for us to show the world that EDM is not just about raging, it can also be the most meaningful music that not only inspires, but brings happiness to the hearts of all those who hear it.  Eyes has done just that, bringing me out of a recent depression that brought my mood down for just over 2 weeks.  I hope that this music speaks to you all just as it did me, and maybe you can get at my level having racked up an iTunes play count of 157 in only 3 weeks of being in my possession.  Enjoy the tunes and have a great weekend, rage hard everybody cause we got a lot of fat to burn off from the holiday.  Keep it real.

Kaskade – Eyes (feat. Mindy Gledhill)

Kaskade – Turn It Down (feat. Rebecca & Fiona)

Kaskade – Room For Happiness (feat. Skylar Grey) [listen to the lyrics on this one]

Kaskade – Don’t Hold Your Breath (feat. Nicole Scherzinger)

Kaskade – Lick It (feat. Skrillex)

Kaskade & Adam K – Raining (feat. Sunsun)

And just in case you guys thought this wasn’t enough, I’m gonna do you all a solid and post Kaskade’s BBC 1 Essential Mix. 2 hours of pure genius.

Kaskade – Essential Mix

Raging away the Thanksgiving Calories

So I am sure that everybody is still incredibly full  from yesterday, I know I am. Todays post is going to help everybody work off that Thanksgiving gut with some serious head-bobbing leading into some finger tapping. Next thing you know your going to be dancing alone in your bedroom, burning calories faster than you consumed them. Also this week, these songs have descriptions, artist background and input where ever I want to put it, it’s amazing what having time away from school changes.

Last Week, Deadmau5, the now EDM mogul, released his latest creation. ‘Aural Psynapse’ in a way brings us back to the days before MTV, a time when the majority were calling this phenom, dead-mau-five. To me this track is classic Deadmau5, seemingly simple initially but as the lead synths and melody build, not only are my ears happy, but the complexity is driven home. For those of you lucky enough to have seen the Mau5 live recently, you may have heard this track; I can only imagine what this song sounds like live. Massive and desensitizing as always I’m sure.

Download: Aural Psynapse – Deadmau5

And just to butter up this already sweet song, we have a remix by Myndset that takes the song to an entirely new level.

Download: Aural Psynapse (Myndset Remix)

And since I’m not done, here’s a beautiful video to show everyone who doesn’t already know how epic Deadmau5 is in concert, playing of course, Aural Psynapse.

Several months ago, this song surfaced on the internet and, unfortunately, we only had a rip to listen to. When this track hit the blog world, it immediately received a ton of attention. At one point, it hit the number one spot on HypeM! Some of you may have forgotten about this hidden gem of Avicii’s, but we sure didn’t. We were able to get a hold of a good version of the track and it’s been on repeat ever since with the next song. The version we got is not the final version, but its a keeper in our opinion! There hasn’t been any information put out about this track, hopefully he decides to release this because it’s a track that needs to be in everyone’s iTunes. Avicii, never ceases to amaze us here at Remix Nation, and by the looks of it, he will be closing out this year with a bang. Either way, I couldn’t be happier to finally have a good quality version of this song, so make sure to check it out!

Download: Let Me Show You Love (ASH & Avicii’s Hype Machine Mix)

And as mentioned above, the newest addition from Avicii. Although this just the preview for the song, I can tell you first hand the full version is unbelievable live. I asked Avicii about the song and when to be expecting a drop but he said he still had some work to do before the full release. So here is the preview to ID2 from Avicii.

Download: ID2 (HQ Preview) – Avicii

While were on the Avicii topic, I finally got the HQ photo from my time with Avicii. If I had facebook, this would definitely be my display picture for the next 10 years.

In Avicii’s set at UNH and getting play from many others is Alesso’s remix of Titanium by David Guetta. After much scrounging the internet, I finally found a high quality rip for everyone to enjoy.

Download: Titanium (Alesso Remix) – David Guetta

So there you go, a post much deserved by all you avid followers. Make sure to turn up these songs extra loud and be sure to leave some room because these will get your feet moving.

Here’s a random collection of tracks to sustain your hip hop hunger. A little Hoodie, a little Andre and little more. Enjoy and stay tuned for more.

Hoodie Allen- Tighten Up

Hoodie Allen- James Franco

Andre Nickatina – Lost Hawks ft Equipto

Snowgoons – Starlight (Ft. Viro The Virus)

Pmac – One


Dubstep for your Thanksgiving Festivities

I am still riding on a cloud right now, saturday seriously was a life changer. But the people still need their music and that’s why I am here. So when I scrounged my library searching for the perfect music for tonights post, I decided to pick 10 songs I had not listened to yet and gave them a solid run through. This was only hours ago but these songs have already started to accumulate quite the play count and still rising. So here they are, I present to you a list of songs that you have undoubtedly never heard before. Be sure to grab the Jerk it Out by Sawgood, unreal mix of a song I never would have thought of putting a Dub spin on.

Jerk It Out ( Sawgood remix )

Knives To A Gunfight – Popeska

The Blur (Feat. QuESt)

Hunted (Original Mix) – sp:mc, LX One

Sexy And I Know It (The Mavrik Remix)

Screw Up (Matty G Remix)

Back To The Bay (with Ugene) – Matty G

Gucci Gucci(Helicopter Showdown and IB Remix)

And to conclude this post, I have included some serious wobbles from some artists who are not new to this site.

Scorpion Move – Zedd

Dominate – Figure

Crowd Control (original mix) – Excision And Downlink

Alright there you have it, a load of new tunes for all of you to enjoy during the break. See you friday(internet dependent)!


After an amazing concert this weekend in The Whittemore Center, it’s hard for me to follow up all that house with some dubstep.  Despite being incredibly exhausted from the weekend that was, I have made the effort to crawl out of my bed to hit you guys with some wobbles to go with the gobbles of Thanksgiving.  Though I love dubstep and all of its variety, my heart will always lie within the world of EDM.  Keeping that in mind, and the fact that all you newbs at UNH are now finally getting into the world of electronic music, I’ve decided to keep it light with the dubstep today and hit you with some songs that simply inspire creativity and create a very chill mood.  For those of you who went to the Avicii concert, I hope you all had a great time, though I know you didn’t enjoy it as much as myself and BLVD did.  Curtis got to meet his idol and I raged my face off with my good friend Molly.  Keep listening to good music and let’s make sure that when NV Concepts come back they bring the best they got.  Keep it fresh peeps, goal weight gain for thanksgiving dinner is 10 pounds…get at me.

MiM0SA – Flourenscence

Deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember (Caspa Remix)

Pretty Lights – Summer’s Gone

Daft Punk – Da Funk (Schoolboy Remix)

Pretty Lights – Hot Like Dimes

Pretty Lights – Finally Moving [sampled Etta James long before Avicii did]

So if you’re looking for more chill dubstep to go along with the sleepiness of tryptophan that comes with eating turkey, visit and download ALL of his music; the man is a living legend.  As a special bonus I’ve included a video of his latest remix yet to be officially released, enjoy the tunes and have a great thanksgiving (except you Curtis, you already had yours…canadians and their weird holidays).

BombBeats Meets Avicii !!!

So if a night could be defined by one picture, I think I captured the perfect moment. Yours truly had quite the life changing experience last night, making contacts left and right, but most importantly the picture. Just look below and see for yourself:

Yeah thats right, BombBeats founder got the VIP treatment thanks to NV Concepts at the concert. Backstage passes and a chance to hang out with Avicii after the show, how much better could it get? On top of all that, after speaking with the founder of NV Concepts, this will not be UNH’s last concert. Tim (Avicii) said he had a killer time and could definitely tell that we here in New Hampshire knew how to have a good time.

In Conclusion though, thank you everybody who went last night, had the time of their lives and showed Avicii that UNH is about more than frat boy music. We are transforming, to a new era of music and with the help of BombBeats and NV Concepts, this place is going to explode. I’m happy to be along for the ride and I suggest all of you join in.

See you tomorrow for a dose of Dubstep to get you through the Thanksgiving break.


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