Well as many of you have probably heard, the katy perry rumors were indeed rumors. Then scope proceeded to announce that the fall concert was Two Door Cinema Club on a tuesday night. Well everyone of course was pretty unimpressed with this announcement but for the first time I have ever heard, scope turned down the suck knob. Thats right, Avicii is coming to UNH, holy shit. In comparison to last year where scope literally picked the last person in the world I wanted to see, they picked my absolute favorite. For those of you following the site, you can obviously tell that avicii has been giving my ears a serious bronner for the last year. So heres to everyone out there asking themselves who Avicii is, because he’s about to be the guy to blow your mind if your fortunate enough to get a ticket.

Download: Seek Bromance (Avicii Arena Mix)

Download: Levels – Avicii

Download: Derezzed (Vocal Edit)

Download: Don’t Give Up On Us (Enough Is Enough) – Avicii

Download: Hello Miami (2011 WMC Anthem) – Avicii

Download: Fade Into Darkness – Avicii

Download: Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Avicii’s ‘Tour’ Mix)

Happy Hallowcoming everyone, getter done tonight, Avicii style.

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