Hey everybody!!  Since this is my first bombbeats/blog post ever, I’m just gonna give you a quick intro of who I am.  My name is Mark and I am a communications major at UNH, and I am also a DJ at my school’s student run radio station WUNH.  I’m super excited to finally have an outlet to write about music, and I want to give a big shout out to Curtis for getting me on here!

OK, now that we have gotten all of the formalities out of the way, lets get right into it.

First of all, if you haven’t heard of Passafire, I will help fix that problem.  They are an AMAZING 4 piece reggae/rock band hailing from Savannah, GA, and they are quickly building a solid fanbase with their own special spin on reggae music and their highly energetic live shows(seriously, they get reallyyyy into it).  They have released 4 full length albums, including their latest, Start From Scratch, which hit stores this past September.  Not only does this album mark the band’s first release on their newly formed FlameGuy Records, but it also features their new keyboard/melodica player Mike DeGuzman. SFS is definitely consistent with the past Passafire albums- heavy rock riffs, funky slap-bass leads, laid-back yet thought-provoking lyrics- all bundled up into a neatly produced package, thanks to the album’s veteran producer Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers, Sublime).  What really makes this album shine though is the incorporation of the melodica on songs like “Start From Scratch”, acoustic guitars on “Trainweck”, and even banjo on “Epiphany”.  Fans of Passafire will definitely not be disappointed with this album, and I highly recommend you pick it up.  The guys are currently on tour with Jimkata and Tatanka so check them out if you get the chance!!

Here I have attached some of their new stuff off of Start From Scratch.

Download: Start from Scratch – Passafire

Download: Shapes and Colors – Passafire

Download: Epiphany – Passafire

Download: Rubber Bands – Passafire

And here’s some of my personal favorites from some of their older albums.

Download: Kilo – Passafire

Download: Prelectricity – Passafire

Download: Leave the Lights On – Passafire

Last but not least, I have attached a dope version of their new song “Shapes and Colors” that they recently performed on MoBoogie!!

I will try to post a new blog every Tuesday morning so keep an eye out. Peace out errbody.

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